• photo of topped trees

    What is Tree Topping? And why we shouldn’t do it

    Even though certified arborists and plant tree specialists commonly agree upon the fact that tree topping is both dangerous and unnecessary, this tree care procedure is still often practiced today. However, despite its continued prevalence it should be known that there are far better alternatives to gaining the benefits, one might seek from tree topping. So today, I am going to explain what tree topping is, why you shouldn’t do it, and what alternative tree care options are available.

  • Exposed tree roots in soil

    Tree Roots and Sidewalk Damage

    Here in Hillsborough County, Tampa Florida we have beautiful tree lined boulevards, that can be seen in almost every residential area. Hillsborough’s trees bring value to our community including increased property values, desirable aesthetics, and an eco-friendly footprint we can be proud of. Unfortunately, these tree lined boulevards often come with one serious down fall, root damage to the sidewalks. As the trees mature the root systems expand and become stronger, pushing up on the sidewalks’ concrete slabs causing cracks and raised edges that create an eyesore for neighborhoods and a hazard to pedestrians.

  • tampa citrus trees

    How to Plant a Citrus Tree in Tampa

    Planting and caring for citrus trees can be challenging and if issues arise, a tree service in Tampa may be needed. Here’s what you need to know about planting citrus trees.

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    Make trees an essential element of your estate

    Whether you have a generational property or you’re maintaining a historic home for tours and events, the whole property makes a statement. Don’t just focus your efforts on the house and surrounding structures themselves: everything from the trees along the driveway to the trees in the backyard can be part of the experience. Here’s how to bring them to the forefront with estate management.

  • landscapers remove branches from tree debris

    How to replenish your yard after tree removal

    Sometimes trees have to be removed despite everyone’s best efforts to save them. This can happen after a property fire, heavy storm damage that devastates a small grove of trees, or even a quick-spreading disease. Once you have your tree management company cut down the trees and grind the stumps, it’s time to rebuild.

  • Arborist trimming palm trees

    Proper pruning for tree heath care

    The benefits of trees in landscaping go beyond air purification and oxygen production; trees can lower bills, increase property value, and even reduce the crime rate. Trees reduce heating and cooling costs by 2.1 billion dollars and well cared for trees increase property value by up to 20%. Pruning is the most common maintenance for tree care to remove dead branches, improve structure, and reduce the risks to the tree’s health. Tree growth is maximized when pruning is done annually before the spring growth starts.

  • Photo of trees whitewashed to prevent sunscald, in a park.

    How to protect your trees from the sun

    You might not believe this, but it is true: sunlight can damage trees. Just like how people get sunburns, trees get sunscald. However, sunscald is not temporary like sunburns. Sunscald can cause premature decline or permanent damage to trees. You should know that once damage has occurred in a tree, there is no way to repair it.

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    Protect Against Structural Damage with a Root Barrier

    If tree roots are left unchecked, they can cause severe structural damage which will cost money and time. As a homeowner, you can combat this situation by having root barrier installations. Root barriers have been used over the years with the primary purpose of redirecting root growth. This redirection is meant to keep roots from growing under sidewalks, driveways, and other infrastructure. This kind of protection ends up preserving the foundation of such infrastructures and increasing their lifespan.

  • Photo depicting the concept of the dead and living tree

    How to tell if winter trees are dead or dormant

    Trees in your landscape can provide year-round interest and a welcome habitat for birds and wildlife, as well as flowers in the spring time and fruit in the summer. However, many species of deciduous trees can appear to be dead during the winter months, leading to accidental removal of an actually healthy tree.

  • Close up of a Nut Weevil

    3 Insect Pests that may be Harming your Trees

    An insect pest infestation can make your once-beautiful tree look like something that belongs in an old horror movie, and that’s exactly why Integrated Pest Management is so important. While the type of insect pests that could infect your tree will vary by tree type and area, here are a few common critters to look out for.