• bright green feather like palm tree fronds

    Palm Tree Care in Fall

    Fall comes with an onslaught of seasonal expectations such pumpkin spiced lattes, warm sweaters, and the coloring of the leaves as the trees go dormant in preparation of winter. However, for those of us that reside in warmer tropical climates, such as here in Hillsborough County and the Greater Tampa Bay area, the seasonal shift into fall is not that dramatic. As a result, our climate is perfect for the long-term growth of palm trees, as they can be seen meticulously scattered throughout our urban landscapes. The palm tree is unlike any other tree, in the fact that its leaves do not change into beautiful hues of red, orange, and yellow, colors commonly associated with autumn. However, despite the warmer climate trees, including the palm trees, do in fact go dormant during the winter months. Therefore, October is the month to get all of your fall, or 4th quarter, palm tree care completed.

  • cabbage palm with green leaves and criss cross pattern on trunk

    Identifying Palm Trees in Florida

    Here in Florida we enjoy a nice warm tropical climate with ample amounts of rain and humidity. As a result, our climate is perfectly suited for tropical trees, with the palm tree being one of the most sought after. With only a dozen palms being native to Florida, many of our palm trees are imported from other parts of the world. Chances are if you are living in the Tampa Bay area you have a palm or two in your yard. Palms are such a diverse family of plants it can be very difficult to identify each one. So, we have decided to put together a short guide to help you identify some of the most common palm trees that can be spotted throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area.

  • Palm Tree Lethal Yellowing

    Common Palm Tree Diseases & Insect Pests

    One of the benefits of living in Florida is the beautiful palm trees that bring an added tropical flare and sense of relaxation to our landscapes. Palm trees have special tree care needs, such as routine fertilization to help ensure they stay healthy and strong. Routine tree care is a preventative measure to help trees fight off the many tree diseases and insect pest infestations they are susceptible to. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a tree service plan with a local arborist, failure to take preventative measures could result in the loss of your palm trees. Many palm tree diseases are not correctable but, are preventable.

  • ripe dates orange-red color hanging from a date palm

    Date Palm or Phoenix Palm Trees

    Date Palms, also known as the Phoenix Palms, are a group of very popular palm trees that can be spotted throughout Florida and the Greater Tampa Bay area. Although there are many different species of Date Palms in the Phoenix Palms group there is only one true Date Palm Tree and that is the Phoenix Dactylifera.

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    Get a Tree Inspection Before Buying a New Home

    Buying a new home is a huge investment. Therefore, to get the best possible value for your money you take certain steps, such has having a home inspection, to help you avoid thousands of dollars’ worth of unexpected expenses. However, your home inspection only helps to protect you against any major unseen issues with the actual structure; but, you are not just buying a house, are you? You are buying a piece of property, that may very well include a tree or multiple trees.

  • photo of topped trees

    What is Tree Topping? And why we shouldn’t do it

    Even though certified arborists and plant tree specialists commonly agree upon the fact that tree topping is both dangerous and unnecessary, this tree care procedure is still often practiced today. However, despite its continued prevalence it should be known that there are far better alternatives to gaining the benefits, one might seek from tree topping. So today, I am going to explain what tree topping is, why you shouldn’t do it, and what alternative tree care options are available.

  • Exposed tree roots in soil

    Tree Roots and Sidewalk Damage

    Here in Hillsborough County, Tampa Florida we have beautiful tree lined boulevards, that can be seen in almost every residential area. Hillsborough’s trees bring value to our community including increased property values, desirable aesthetics, and an eco-friendly footprint we can be proud of. Unfortunately, these tree lined boulevards often come with one serious down fall, root damage to the sidewalks. As the trees mature the root systems expand and become stronger, pushing up on the sidewalks’ concrete slabs causing cracks and raised edges that create an eyesore for neighborhoods and a hazard to pedestrians.

  • tampa citrus trees

    How to Plant a Citrus Tree in Tampa

    Planting and caring for citrus trees can be challenging and if issues arise, a tree service in Tampa may be needed. Here’s what you need to know about planting citrus trees.

  • trees,pathways through landscape gardens

    Make trees an essential element of your estate

    Whether you have a generational property or you’re maintaining a historic home for tours and events, the whole property makes a statement. Don’t just focus your efforts on the house and surrounding structures themselves: everything from the trees along the driveway to the trees in the backyard can be part of the experience. Here’s how to bring them to the forefront with estate management.

  • landscapers remove branches from tree debris

    How to replenish your yard after tree removal

    Sometimes trees have to be removed despite everyone’s best efforts to save them. This can happen after a property fire, heavy storm damage that devastates a small grove of trees, or even a quick-spreading disease. Once you have your tree management company cut down the trees and grind the stumps, it’s time to rebuild.