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  • Mistletoe on Your Tree May be a Kiss… of Death!


    Mistletoe branch close upFor many people, the idea or the thought of the term mistletoe prompts ideas of holiday celebrations where you can steal a kiss or two. However, when it’s not being used as a decoration, mistletoe is a parasitic plant that poses a threat to healthy trees. The plant attaches itself to a branch and draws water and nutrients from the tree.

  • Why you need a long-term tree maintenance program

    Mighty oak tree

    Tree care can fall in the gap between conventional landscape management services. Many times, home inspections consider the building structures and landscaping surfaces but exclude tree care. In order to maintain the health of your trees and the structural integrity of the surrounding land, it is imperative to keep them covered through a tree maintenance program. Here’s why…

  • Why Should I Use a Certified Arborist for Tree Care?

    Photo of an arborist pruning a tree

    Do you know how to care for a sick tree or how to maintain healthy trees on your property? Tree health is something that’s typically taken for granted by many, while tree maintenance is simply thought of as one of the many chores of a property owner. The truth is, the key to having healthy and thriving trees is by turning to a certified arborist for help. Their expertise will ensure your trees maintain their health for many years to come.

  • How to give ailing palm trees a chance

    Picture of a Palm Tree

    We live in a society filled with disposable things that are often discarded as soon as next year’s model comes onto the market. If you have an ailing palm tree in your yard, there is always the temptation to just get rid of it and plant a new one in its place. Yet the truth is that taking the time to address the health issues of your current backyard friend may yield many benefits over removal and replacement.

  • Tree Root Collar Excavation & Why Your Trees Need It

    Picture of a Tree Root CollarTree roots by Kent Wang licensed under Creative commons 5

    A tree’s root collar, also known as a root crown or neck, is simply the top of a root system, where the trunk meets the roots. For most species of tree, the root collar is supposed to be partially exposed, sitting just at ground level. The tissues of trees’ roots and trunks have vastly different methods for transporting water and nutrients, so their meeting point at the root crown is critically important to facilitating this exchange.

  • How simple lawn care might be killing your tree, and how you can save it

    Man mowing grass along tree line

    Take a look at the trunks of the trees in your yard. Do you notice any wounds around or near the base of their trunks? Weed trimmers, lawn mowers, and construction equipment can often cause unintended tree damage. Believe it or not, these simple injuries can actually cause a lot of tree health issues, including an eventual death. Young trees are especially vulnerable when damaged in this manner.

  • Why caring for your trees benefits you

    Picture of trees lining a neighborhood street in fall. A man and boy are walking along the sidewalk.

    Often, little regard is given to trees in the technological, fast-paced world in which we live. Long term gain has been replaced with instant gratification, with next to no thought about the effect that this will have. Understanding the benefits of proper tree care will make it clear why you should invest time in your trees and will help you make smart decisions to get good care for them, too.

  • Planting under an Existing Tree

    flowerbed planted under a palm tree

    You are tired of that sparse bare spot under your tree and are ready to transform it into a lush green garden or aesthetically pleasing flowerbed. However, planting under mature trees can be a little tricky and you don’t want your new landscape addition to result in the loss of a century old tree. Planting beneath mature trees requires caution and careful planning to avoid damaging the tree roots. The goal should be to generate a healthy landscape where both the tree and the new plants can thrive simultaneously.

  • The Importance of Fertilizing Trees

    Close up of tree getting fertilized

    Water & nutrients are the most important requirements of trees living on residential and commercial properties. Irrigation, or watering, may be an easy way to provide the water they need, but supplying the nutrients they need can be a bit more difficult. Tree roots gather nutrients from the surrounding soil below ground. It is commonly thought that tree roots are extremely deep in the soil, however, the reality is that they are predominately living in the upper 8”-12” of the soil and extend laterally to the drip line (or edge of the canopy) &/or beyond.

  • The 1, 2, 3 of Palm Tree Care

    palm trees, residential landscape

    Palm trees can be a stunning addition to your outdoor landscape, if you reside in a tropical or warm climate. Palm trees are relatively low maintenance; however, they still require a certain amount of care to ensure their continued growth, vigor, and beauty. Failure to adequately meet the needs of your palm tree may result in a less than stunning appearance and the palm may become susceptible to a variety of palm tree diseases and/or malnutrition.