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    Quarterly Tree Care

    It is not an uncommon misconception for property owners to believe that having a lawncare company means, they do not need an arborist or tree care maintenance program. Unfortunately, that simply is not true. Your lawncare company is not trained to identify or treat insect pests and diseases in your trees.

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    How often should I water my trees?

    A common question for most property owners is: How often should I water my trees? This is a great question, especially if you have recently invested in planting a new tree. As with any landscape care there is no one size fits all, when it comes to watering your tree(s). How often you water your tree will be highly dependent up on the area you live in, as well as, whether or not the tree is newly planted or established, the current weather conditions, and the time of year. Caring for your trees and making sure they are sufficiently watered can save you money, help cool your home, provide shade when outside, increase your property value, and provide you and your family with added health benefits.

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    Get a Tree Inspection Before Buying a New Home

    Buying a new home is a huge investment. Therefore, to get the best possible value for your money you take certain steps, such has having a home inspection, to help you avoid thousands of dollars’ worth of unexpected expenses. However, your home inspection only helps to protect you against any major unseen issues with the actual structure; but, you are not just buying a house, are you? You are buying a piece of property, that may very well include a tree or multiple trees.

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    What is Tree Topping? And why we shouldn’t do it

    Even though certified arborists and plant tree specialists commonly agree upon the fact that tree topping is both dangerous and unnecessary, this tree care procedure is still often practiced today. However, despite its continued prevalence it should be known that there are far better alternatives to gaining the benefits, one might seek from tree topping. So today, I am going to explain what tree topping is, why you shouldn’t do it, and what alternative tree care options are available.

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    How to Plant a Citrus Tree in Tampa

    Planting and caring for citrus trees can be challenging and if issues arise, a tree service in Tampa may be needed. Here’s what you need to know about planting citrus trees.

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    Protect Against Structural Damage with a Root Barrier

    If tree roots are left unchecked, they can cause severe structural damage which will cost money and time. As a homeowner, you can combat this situation by having root barrier installations. Root barriers have been used over the years with the primary purpose of redirecting root growth. This redirection is meant to keep roots from growing under sidewalks, driveways, and other infrastructure. This kind of protection ends up preserving the foundation of such infrastructures and increasing their lifespan.

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    3 Insect Pests that may be Harming your Trees

    An insect pest infestation can make your once-beautiful tree look like something that belongs in an old horror movie, and that’s exactly why Integrated Pest Management is so important. While the type of insect pests that could infect your tree will vary by tree type and area, here are a few common critters to look out for.

  • Planting under an Existing Tree

    flowerbed planted under a palm tree

    You are tired of that sparse bare spot under your tree and are ready to transform it into a lush green garden or aesthetically pleasing flowerbed. However, planting under mature trees can be a little tricky and you don’t want your new landscape addition to result in the loss of a century old tree. Planting beneath mature trees requires caution and careful planning to avoid damaging the tree roots. The goal should be to generate a healthy landscape where both the tree and the new plants can thrive simultaneously.

  • Identifying A Sick Tree

    The Tampa Bay area is well know for it’s lush landscapes accentuated by beautiful and majestic flowing trees. In fact nearly every homeowner has at least one, if not more, trees in their yard and commercial properties, or local business, generally have multiple trees accenting their properties. Healthy trees are beautiful, and add a great deal of monetary and aesthetic value to a property.

  • The Christmas Tree


    With Christmas just around the corner, we here at
    Tree Medics thought it would be fun to shake it up some and discuss one of the
    most common Christmas traditions, the Christmas tree.